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Friday, May 6, 2011

I am The Last of My Kind.

My self !
Assalamualaikum is my opening word.
Hye to all my friends.Let me introduce u about my self.
I am the last of my kind,ROCK and SWEET.that is me and that is why I'M HOT.ha ha.

This is my first time i publishing my self in this fuckin BLOGGER-ration.
Act i dont know pon na bt bende alah ni.But why not i try kan.Currently,Its look like there's a lot of people yang dah 'UP TO DATE' their self.So,aku pn mcm nak follow laa.HA HA.

Never mind,every week or twice a week,i will TOUCH-UP my BLOGGER-ration.
i will let u know my event and all about my self.To me why not we sharing something with someone else.we are kan FRIENDS so this is how i share my self with my friends :)

Lovely Person - Sarah Lee <3



As u know darling,
Totally i am single.i do i have many scandels.but i dont have any lover.SCANDELS to me just for accompany me when i need some want to accompany me.
I used to hangout with my friends.I used to do it every week,sometimes it will be every day of my life.
But not anymore now.I am now busy with my self,my family,and my work.
I love to make friends,but sometimes i will prefer my self being alone with no other person by my side.
I do i want to have someone special in my life.I do i am so jealous with my friends who's have a lover in their life.Maybe i will have one but not now i guess.I hope i will get him soon.The good one guy that suite for me <3
I am always waitin' MY PRINCE.
PS / pls come ASAP.i need u extreamly lovely romantic guy.


I Hate The Way He Cheat On Me !

It's been a long time jgak laa aku single.Memang bosan but nak bt cmne,tkde rezeki lagi untk dpt yg PASTI.The PASTI means lelaki yg btul2 boleh jga aku and kekasih aku la sng ceritaa.
Memang i'm such a liar laaa kalau aku ckp i never have boyfriend before ni kan.
Secara jujur aku ckp kt sini,I never couple long lasting.almost all my relationship is not long lasting.Paling lama couple pon just for 6 months.HA HA.How pity it is.Its okay lahhh.Maybe belum ade rejeki lagi HE HE.Anyway,i am here just to wish u happy go lucky lah kau orng with kau orng pnyer partner.For my all exboyfriends and all my extra boyfriends,hope u all got a good partner ever.I hope one day u all realize what u have done to me and what i have done to u jugak.HA HA.Nice moment of us will lost when we are lost in contact :)


The photos of me - Sarah Lee !

My new hair.
My hair sylist - Vincent Ting.

My coolest hair.It have been snap thru the side.
Thank goes to - Idha Rosli.Idha is such a funny and happening friend ever.

My old hair.
thank goes to - Ili Nadrah.Ili is the best friend i ever had <3

My long hair.Its look like aku mcm ayu and baik jerr.
Pretending of it thru this fucking photo.
Act,i miss my long hair.


My Top Songs of My Heart right now !
<3 <3 <3

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never and Down To Earth
J-Lo feat Pitbull - On The Floor
MLTR - Take Me To Your Heart
Rihanna - S&M
Vanessa Hudgens - Say Ok
Melinda - Cinta Satu Malam


Quotes !

Let share some quotes baby :)
Qoutes of Life,

-Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.No man has learned anything rightly,until he knows that every day is Doomsday by - Ralph Waldo Emerson

- There's nothing ordinary in the living of each day by -  L. Thompson

- It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of our lives that we must draw our strength to live and our reasons for living by -  Simone de Beauvoir

- Whoever you are,or whatever it is that you do,when you really want something,it's because that desire originated in the sould of the universe.It's your mission on earth by - Paulo Coelho

- We are what our thoughts have made us,so take care about that you think by - Swami Vivekananda


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