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Monday, May 16, 2011

I Hate The Way You Lie

Lelaki !

Dia call,aku tak angkat.Dia msg aku tak reply,bajet nak mintak maaf.Senang cerita apa dia bt aku akn buat bodoh.Rasain luuuu ! Dia curang,ade perempuan lain belakang aku.Takpa laaah hari ni aku kne,len kali hari kau akan tiba.Wait Your Turn Dorling !

It's Over ...

It's over,I swear it's over.i will end the conversation everytime u trying to call me.i dont wanna hear ur voice or even u fuckin' msg.It was wasting my time and so do u baby.The best step of us is dont talk at all.Just silent is more better !

He Open My Eyes Again !

He opened my eyes again,supaya lebih berhati hati with guys.Thank a lot cause remind me again with this fucking shit stuff ! Bullshit !

Apologize !

I can forgive u.But i'm so sorry i will never ever trust u anymore.
The red heart turn blue right now ! It was turn so dull :(

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